Goals & Analysis

One of the very first steps when developing a Games Promotion is to set your goals. Since you can use chance games for different types of promotions, the type of goals will depend on what types of promotion you are running. Some of the goals you can set may not be initially obvious. See below for some common goals and a promotion that can help achieve them:

Goal: Increase Foot Traffic

Solution 1: ScanCard

Distribute printed pieces with barcodes and display a ScanCard machine onsite. Customers will flock to the machine to scan and reveal their prize.

Solution 2: Prize Vault

Customers come to your location to crack the vault. If they guess the winning combination, they win the contents!

Solution 3: Custom Scratch Off - Reveal at Store

Distribute scratch off cards redeemable only onsite. A little disclaimer goes a long way to attract customers

Goal: Increase Web Traffic

Solution: Online Game / WebDescrambler

Instant win excitement, online! Players go to your website to access the online game. Also great tool for generating a mailing list or customer database.

Goal: Reward Employees

Solution: Wheel Extravaganza

Everybody loves to feel appreciated, your employees work hard, so why not reward them? Designate your own prizes in this great low cost stock promotion. Give away cash prizes, gift certificates, electronics, the possibilities are endless.

Goal: Improve Safety in the Workplace

Solution: Safety Bingo

Who doesn't love Bingo? For each day without a safety incident, a bingo number is called. Each employee has a card and the first Bingo wins the prize.

Goal: Increase Club Attendance

Solution: Black Light Card

A cool and edgy promotion - prizes are revealed under a blacklight. Give away free admission, drink vouchers or discounts.

Goal: We Need a Huge Response

Solution: Insured Promotions

It's a fact, sales of lottery tickets increase as the jackpot increases. Giving away a Grand Prize of $10,000+ is sure to attract attention. Insured promotions allow you to give away a large cash prize with a fraction of the cost. Profit goals, get ready to be blown away.

Goal: Customer Appreciation

Solution: Custom Scratch Off - Instant Win

What better way to generate repeat business than by offering sales discounts. Whether distributed onsite or through the mail, this is one promotion that delivers results.